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You are not easy to convince and need real proof? Let us convince you and let the figures speak for themselves.

Economy of scale

Let's compare the costs related to folding moldings for a 12-unit vinyl siding


Custom standard solutions will allow you to increase your business thanks to its multiple benefits. 

It will allow you…

  •   Saving up to 80% on your costs

  •   Reducing your labor needs

  •   Reducing your labor costs (CNESST, benefits and salaries)

  •   Reducing human resource management

  •   Buy everything you need in one place and independently

  •   Optimize your operations by allowing you to take on more contracts

  •   Reach your goals in less time and at a lower cost

Customer Service

Custom standard solutions offer you proactive, fast, and efficient customer service to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority. We assure you of the consistent quality of our products. Therefore, we guarantee that they will be delivered to meet your expectations. Do you have questions, insecurities, or a special request? Write or call us anytime and we'll take the time to help.

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