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Measurement TakeOff

Let us assist you in your project

What it includes

  • One of specialist will go on site, at a moment that is convenient for you.

  • We will provide you will all the measurements required to order our products.

  • We will happily provide you with our expertise on windows trims.

  • We will get you an estimate of the products required for you project.

 A service to help you takeoff! 

Custom Standard offer a personalized service to help you better plan your needs for exterior siding materials. Avoid mistakes and enjoy peace of mind by letting us help you make your project a success.

How it works

  1. Add this service to your cart.​

  2. Once in your cart, you will be asked to specify the delivery address

  3. Based on your location, you will be provided with a transport fee. This is the only fee that you will pay for this estimate.

  4. Following the measurement take off, you will given the measuements and offered our service. You are under no obligation to buy our products, but we will gladly assist you if you are interested. 

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